Schedule a Research Visit

The NHM Collections & Archives are open to the general public with the cost of museum admission by appointment only.

What to Expect from your Visit:
  • All researchers must fill out a researcher application.
  • Research materials may not be borrowed or removed from the Museum. Materials may be used only in the Library or other designated location under the supervision of NHM Collections staff.
  • Only pencils and laptops may be used in proximity to the Museum Collections, no pens!
  • No eating and drinking is permitted around archival materials.
  • Some items might require the use of gloves.
  • If a material arrives in boxes or folders, remove only one folder or box at a time. Do not rearrange materials or remove documents from the folders. Please maintain the exact order of materials. If a mistake in arrangement is discovered, please call it to the attention of the staff; do not rearrange documents yourself.
  • Duplication of materials is only permitted with written approval from staff (including photography and scanning)
  • The Library may also restrict access to materials which are not arranged, are being catalogued, or are exceptionally valuable and fragile. In some cases copies maybe substituted for the originals.

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